Breathe Into a Good Night’s Sleep



What is a wholebreath and how can it help me sleep better?

A wholebreath is a complete breath that fills your belly, ribs and chest. In the practice of Hatha yoga this is called a yogic complete breath. It is the most effective natural method to relax in preparation for a peaceful nights sleep.

Tonight, after you get cozy under the covers, close your eyes, then place one palm on your belly button and the other palm over the space between your ribs.

Since fear and anxiety is what keeps most of us from not breathing fully, tell yourself you are safe, then give into the natural downward force of gravity.    As you do this notice your exhale lengthen.

Finally, draw three deep breaths into your body filling your palms and savoring each exhale as you let go.

Sweet dreams… Let me know how it went.

With love & gratitude!

Next blog; learn to start your day in peace.

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